We here at Data In Harmony (DIH) are very excited to announce the launch of CapitalPulse Ratings™ — a rating system for private companies raising capital via Regulation Crowdfunding. Included with our Crowdfunding Investments Data, these ratings are dynamic, data-driven insights based on traditional venture analysis techniques plus investor sentiment. Now VCs, Family Offices, and Angel Investors have a complete view of a private company’s true investment potential.

In conjunction with our friends at Crowdfund Capital Advisors and their wholly owned subsidiary CCLEAR, DIH now categorizes over 6,400 private companies into five (5) distinct tiers that reflect each company’s potential and current market position. The tiers include:

  1. Rapid Raiser: companies with swift capital inflow, showing strong investor confidence.
  2. Steady Climber: companies demonstrating consistent growth in investor interest.
  3. Emerging Contender: companies with unfulfilled potential but showing promise.
  4. Potential Unlocker: companies with latent potential yet to be realized.
  5. Emerging Opportunity: companies whose value may not be immediately evident from current data.

We update our crowdfunding investment ratings weekly so you can receive the most current and relevant actionable insights for your decision-making process.

Crowdfunding investments ratings give investors a complete view of a private company’s true investment potential – DIH

Merging Traditional Venture Analysis with Investor Sentiment to Generate Crowdfunding Investment Ratings.

What makes CapitalPulse Ratings™ so helpful is that they combine proven venture analysis techniques (e.g. company performance, industry benchmarks) with investor sentiment. We know in real-time how much a company has raised, and from how many investors. So we can tell you how quickly investors are backing a company.

Important Disclaimer: The CapitalPulse Ratings™ are for informational and analytical purposes only and are not to be construed as investment advice.

The Takeaway.

DIH and its partners continue to enhance its Crowdfunding Investment offering to empower private market participants with action insights. CapitalPulse Ratings™ are another way to quickly evaluate a private company’s investment potential.

What about you? Are you focused on private capital markets in your work? Please comment – I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Tom Myers