DIH Makes Finding Quality Data Easy.

Data In Harmony (DIH) provides complete and accurate financial data for multiple asset classes and markets around the world. We help you get better results with quality data that is still as raw as possible.

Our data experts ensure you get the data they need, reliably delivered under user-friendly license terms, and for a price that fits your budget.

THE PROBLEM — Too many firms (big and small) struggle with:

  • Finding the data they need (very time-consuming)
  • Evaluating new data (lack of time & resources)
  • Negotiating, managing & complying with multiple contracts
  • On-boarding new data (e.g. ETL)
  • Validating, cleaning & integrating data
  • Making data “ready to use”
  • Delivering data to end-users

OUR SOLUTION — In an environment of growing emphasis on data quality, and a push by management to hold down costs, DIH was founded to:

  1. Let our data experts help firms find & onboard the quality data they need.
  2. Offer an alternative to the legacy data vendors who offer data that is often incomplete, inaccurate, very expensive, and licensed under restrictive terms & conditions.

Let DIH be your long-term data partner.