Data In Harmony (DIH) recently expanded its Level 3 Order Book Data offering to include equities and ETFs from Japan and Singapore. We now offer the most granular order book data from CBOE Japan, Japannext, and Singapore Exchange.

This compliments the existing Tokyo Stock Exchange data we already offer, along with the equities, ETFs, and futures data we offer from North America and EMEA. Learn More

DIH is also working on adding level 3 data for equities from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


Level 3 order book data, research & visualization tools, and analytics feeds - DIH

Turnkey Access to Level 3 Data, Research & Visualization Tools, and Analytics Feeds.

DIH offers full depth, historic level 3 data from 65 venues, in 3 asset classes, in 1 harmonized format, capturing more than 7 years of every insert, modify, execute or delete order book message, available on a T+1 basis at tick level granularity.

Our offering includes:

  • DATA LAB – This data as a service (DaaS) solution gives you full access to our data lake and research tools in a secure, scalable cloud environment.
  • DATA FEED – Receive 280+ predefined or bespoke metrics based upon our level 3 data via bulk file download, S3 to S3, or API.
  • DATA VIZ – Visualize our data and metrics from your browser.


Level 3 order book data for a wide variety of market participants and use cases - DIH

Level 3 Data for a Wide Variety of Market Participants and Use Cases.

Adding APAC data coverage benefits banks, brokers, asset managers, hedge funds, exchanges, academic institutions, and regulators. Now they can access the most granular level 3, T+1 order book data on a global scale, as well as advanced pre- and post-trade analytics.

Such data empowers several types of users:

  • Buy-side firms who are looking for level 3 alpha in Asia markets.
  • Sell-side execution firms who wish to enhance their product offering by leveraging level 3 order book data and analytics.
  • Exchanges can perform venue comparisons against their peers both locally and globally to understand their market quality or the performance of liquidity providers.

The Takeaway.

DIH offers a wide variety of data for multiple asset classes and markets around the world. This addition of equities and ETFs from CBOE Japan, Japannext, and Singapore Exchange to our Level 3 data expands our offering even further.

What about you? Are you focused on order book data in your work? Please comment – I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Tom Myers