Let us monetize your data

  • We can transform your raw data into new revenue streams.
  • Leverage our data expertise and network of potential clients.
  • DIH can run your entire data business for you.

Create new revenue streams from your data.

DIH can help you transform your data into marketable products and create new revenue streams. Our data experts can help you:

  • Organize & structure your data
  • Create processes to normalize, validate & clean your data
  • Setup & manage the infrastructure to store, update & deliver your data
  • Run the daily operations (processing orders, technical support, etc.) of your data business

Selling Your Data to the Capital Markets — Have data in which you think investment firms would have interest? Here are some things you need to know about selling data to the capital markets:

  • Data teams & analysts are VERY busy, and therefore don’t have a lot of time to evaluate your data;
  • Which means you need to show specific examples of how your data brings value;
  • Plus, your data needs to easily plug into their workflow (e.g. already be mapped to a security master);

DIH not only has the data experts and security master mapping, but we also have a robust rolodex of contacts in capital markets to whom to sell your data.