Comply with Reg SHO Short Sale Rule.

Overview: Obey the SEC’s Reg SHO short sale restrictions and avoid instances of failure-to-deliver with our threshold securities list. Receive a daily file of restricted securities, aggregated from multiple USA exchanges, with the relevant security reference data for easy cross-referencing.

Coverage: DIH’s threshold securities list includes data from the following:

  • NASDAQ Stock Market
  • New York Stock Exchange
  • NYSE Arca
  • OTC Markets

Updates: We update our threshold securities list daily.

Delivery: You can receive our data in bulk files via download, S3 to S3, on-demand via API, or via your web browser.

License Terms: We license our data for either your internal use only or for display/redistribution to your clients. Unlike other data providers, DIH does not have purge clauses – so if you ever stop receiving data from us, you do not have to a ransom to keep the data you’ve already received and for which you’ve paid.

Pricing: Several inputs go into the pricing for our data. For example, do you want all available exchanges or a subset? Contact us to learn more.

Avoid Compliance Issues and Trade Breaks.

The Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) enacted the Regulation SHO (Reg SHO) back in 2005 to address issues in the USA markets with instances of failure-to-deliver and potentially abusive naked short selling.

As part of Reg SHO, exchanges generate lists each day of securities whose transactions failed to clear during the previous trading days.

DIH aggregates these lists (so you don’t have to), and add relevant security reference data, so you can easily comply with Reg SHO and avoid trade breaks.

Failure to comply with Reg SHO can result in substantial fines. A well-known global investment bank paid $5 million in late 2020 to settle charges for violating Reg SHO.

Threshold Securities List helps you avoid instances of failure-to-deliver – DIH

What’s Included in Our Threshold Securities List.

We provide a daily list of restricted securities, aggregated from multiple USA exchanges so that you can comply with Reg SHO short sale restrictions.

A security will make the Threshold Securities List if it meets the following criteria over five (5) consecutive settlement days:

  • The total number of fails to deliver exceed 10,000 shares,
  • The total number of shares that have failed to deliver exceed 0.5% of the outstanding shares, and
  • The security is listed on a similar list by a self-regulatory organization.

Once a company is added to the Threshold Securities List it remains there until its trade fails fall beneath the benchmark standards for five (5) consecutive trading days. Many stocks that have allegedly seen naked short selling will end up on the Threshold Securities List.

We aggregate daily Threshold Securities Lists from:

  • NASDAQ Stock Market
  • New York Stock Exchange
  • NYSE Arca
  • OTC Markets

We clearly identify each security on the list by including such security reference data as:

  • Ticker Symbol
  • Issuer / Company Name
  • ISIN
  • Exchange

So we provide you a file that you can easily load into your systems.

Who Can Benefit from Threshold Securities List?

If your role requires you to comply with Reg SHO rules governing short selling activities, then you should subscribe to our daily Threshold Securities List. The most common subscribers include:

  • Investment banks
  • Brokerage firms
  • Hedge funds (systematic & non-systematic)
  • Asset managers
  • Proprietary trading firms
  • High net worth investors
  • Service providers (e.g. OMS, EMS, data vendors, etc.)

Flexible Updates & Delivery.

Our Threshold Securities List is updated on a daily basis. You can access our data in several ways:

Bulk File Download – For most of our clients, downloading our data in bulk files is most convenient. We can deliver files in various formats (e.g. CSV) via download, S3 to S3 transfer, etc.

API – Some use cases are better suited for on-demand delivery of specific data points via an API.

Web Browser – Search our Threshold Securities List via your web browser.