Accurate Earnings Calls Transcripts for China A-Shares Companies.

Overview: DIH provides earnings calls transcripts for China A-shares listed companies in both English and Chinese. Our data includes transcripts of:

  • Earnings calls
  • Public disclosures on broker onsite research
  • Executive official responses on online platforms

Coverage: We cover all China A-shares listed companies.

History: As far back as 2016.

Updates: We update our data daily.

Delivery:  You can receive data in XML format via S3 to S3.

License Terms: We license our data for either your internal use only or for display/redistribution to your clients. Unlike other data providers, DIH does not have purge clauses – so if you ever stop receiving data from us, you do not have to a ransom to keep the data you’ve already received and for which you’ve paid.

Pricing: Several inputs go into the pricing for our data. For example, do you want data for all available companies or a subset? How much history do you want? Do you want updates going forward? Contact us to learn more.

Gain Better Insights into Chinese Companies with Our Earnings Calls Transcripts.

Institutional investors, on the buy- and sell-side, struggle to fully understand Chinese companies due to the governance of the Chinese market and language barrier. Despite the loosening of regulations for foreign investors in China, getting reliable information about China A-shares companies remains challenging.

Earnings calls are an important source of information for both quantitative and fundamental analysis. Having a reliable source of earnings calls transcripts is critical.

Institutional market participants choose DIH as their source for earnings calls transcripts for several reasons:

Broader Coverage – We offer earnings calls transcripts for ALL the China A-Shares companies, with history, so wherever your analysis takes you, we have the data you need.

High Granularity of Data – There is a high degree of granularity of data attributes, which include stock ticker, data type, timestamp, attendees, and location. Contents are classified as a statement, question, or answer.

Making Unstructured Data Accessible — Unstructured data (e.g. text, news, filings, reports, conference calls) can contain very helpful information but has been traditionally difficult (and expensive) to analyze. Using cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence (AI), and big data technologies, we’re able to make such unstructured data affordable and easy to analyze.

Earnings Calls Transcripts built using cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies – DIH

What’s Included in Our Earnings Calls Transcripts.

DIH offers earnings calls transcripts for all China A-shares companies listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE).

Our data consist of:

  • Earning call transcripts in both English and Chinese
  • Public disclosures on broker onsite research
  • Executive official responses on online platforms

We strive for a high degree of granularity in the data. For example, we include the location and attendees. Plus, all contents are classified as a statement, question, or answer.

We also include relevant security reference data and metadata, including:

  • Ticker
  • Exchange
  • Transcript start/end date & time
  • Type of transcript (earnings call or broker research disclosure)

The data set is built using the latest cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence (AI), and big data technologies. All the translations are done by machine and then checked by a team of analysts with strong Chinese language skills to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the data.

Who Can Benefit from Our Global Earnings Calls Transcripts?

Anyone who is interested in China A-shares companies can benefit from our earnings calls transcripts. We see great demand from such firms as:

  • Investment banks
  • Brokerage firms
  • Hedge funds (systematic & non-systematic)
  • Asset managers
  • Proprietary trading firms
  • High net worth investors
  • Academics
  • Service providers (e.g. data vendors)

Earnings Calls Transcripts with public disclosures on broker research and executives’ official responses – DIH

How DIH Clients Use Our Data.

Our clients use our earnings calls transcripts as an important input to their overall analysis of Chinese companies and the broader Chinese economy. Specifically, they use our data to:

  • Identify potential investments
  • Manage existing positions
  • Better understand the risks associated with China A-shares companies
  • Perform macro analysis of the overall Chinese economy

Flexible Updates & Delivery.

We update our data daily.

You may customize our data to best suit your needs. For example, specify the companies from which you’d like to receive data. Also, choose how much historical data you’d like, and whether you wish to subscribe for updates going forward.

You can receive data in XML format via S3 to S3.