Global Dividend Announcements & Dividend Forecasts.

Overview: As a subset of our broader corporate actions data, our dividends data consists of detailed information on all new dividend announcements, updates to existing dividend announcements, and dividend forecasts for global equities. The data includes:

  • Cash dividends
  • Stock dividends
  • Dividend record date
  • Dividend payment date
  • Ex-dividend date
  • Gross & net amounts
  • Details of all currencies in which a dividend can be paid

Coverage: DIH’s dividend announcements data covers global equities from over 150 exchanges, including over 31,000 mutual funds in the USA. Our dividend forecasts cover over 32,000 global equities across 5,800 indexes in over 100 countries.

History: Our dividend announcements data goes as far back as 2003. We have dividends forecasts for the coming 48 months for all securities in 30 major indices (24 months for less liquid securities outside these indices), and historical forecasts going back to 2012.

Updates: We update our dividends data daily.

Delivery: You can receive our dividends data in bulk files via download, S3 to S3, on-demand via API, or via your web browser. You can also choose to receive ongoing updates via email.

License Terms: We license our dividends data for either your internal use only or for display/redistribution to your clients. Unlike other data providers, DIH does not have purge clauses – so if you ever stop receiving data from us, you do not have to a ransom to keep the data you’ve already received and for which you’ve paid.

Pricing: Several inputs go into the pricing for our dividends data. For example, do you want dividends data for all available countries or a subset? How much history do you want? Do you want updates going forward? Contact us to learn more.

Rely Upon the Completeness & Accuracy of Our Dividends Data.

Whether you are pricing or trading options, managing equity portfolios, stock picking, or calculating indexes, having complete and accurate dividends data is an absolute must-have. Institutional market participants big and small rely on our dividend announcements and dividend forecasts data because they trust the completeness and accuracy of our data.

The financial cost, and potential reputation cost, of getting a dividend wrong, or missing a dividend altogether, can be staggering. Accurately forecasting future dividends is key for accurately pricing derivatives, tax planning, risk management, and much more.

That’s why some of the largest financial institutions in the world count on DIH’s dividends data.

Dividends forecasts for 32,000 equities, ADRs and ETFs across 5,800+ indices and 100+ countries – DIH

What’s Included in Our Dividends Data.

Our dividends data includes details on all new dividend announcements and updates to existing dividend announcements. The data includes:

  • Cash dividends
  • Stock dividends
  • Dividend record date
  • Dividend payment date
  • Ex-dividend date
  • Gross & net amounts
  • Details of all currencies in which a dividend can be paid

The raw information that contributes to our dividends data is sourced from over 150 exchanges around the world. This broad coverage enables us to provide detailed dividends data for global equities, as well as for over 31,000 mutual funds in the USA. Our historical dividend announcements data goes as far back as 2003.

DIH’s dividend announcements are updated 3 times a day (e.g. after the close in Asia/Pacific, Europe/Middle East/Africa, and the Americas). We provide a “master file” that includes all of the requested data as of that date. Then assuming you subscribe to updates going forward, we provide a “delta file” each day going forward with only the changes to the “master file”. A full refresh is available upon request.

We deliver our dividend announcements data via bulk file download, API, or web browser.


In addition to historical dividends paid, and announcements of new dividends, we also offer dividend forecasts data. Algorithmically analyzed and manually fine-tuned by human analysts, our dividend forecasts predict how often, when, and how much the listing will pay out in dividends in the coming months. The data includes:

  • Predicted ex-dividend date
  • Predicted dividend record date
  • Predicted dividend payment date
  • Predicted amount & currency
  • Dividend type & frequency

We also include relevant security reference data with our dividend forecast data.

We offer dividend forecasts for over 32,000 publicly listed equities, ADRs, and ETFs across 5,800+ indices and in more than 100 countries.

We have dividends forecasts for the coming 48 months for all securities in 30 major indices. For less liquid securities outside these indices, we have the coming 24 months.

In addition to our forward-looking dividend forecasts, we also offer our historical forecasts going back to 2012 for back-testing. These are point-in-time and contain every forecast made for any specific universe, including projections that were later overwritten.

We also offer free trials of our dividend forecasts for comparison with your internal or 3rd party forecast data. Contact us for more details.

All updates to our dividend forecasts are made intraday to accommodate latency-sensitive users. We can also provide email alerts. We can set up your updates based on a list of securities, by country, constituents of certain indices, or by underlying security type (e.g. optionable).

Our dividend forecasts data is delivered via bulk file download, API or web browser.

Our Forecasting Methodology

DIH and its dividend experts use a hybrid “machine + human” approach to forecast dividend amounts and dates. The dividend forecasting process is both algorithmic and manual, and consists of:

  1. Meticulously research of our global corporate actions data going back to 2012 to build up patterns of dividend payments, identifying changes in shares in issue (through rights issues, consolidations, bonus issues, and subdivisions) and recording various types of disbursements.
  2. Combining algorithmic calculations with input from a team of human analysts, the process continues by inspecting dividend history, incorporating changes to the issued share capital, identifying patterns, and calculating individual forward amounts and dates years ahead.
  3. Where a clear pattern cannot be identified (e.g. due to a recent change in the fiscal year-end date, a resumption or cut of dividend, or alteration in the dividend payment pattern) the security is flagged for human analysts to research further and make a manual forecast.
  4. Finally, forecasts are constantly checked and amended to ensure the results are reasonable and consistent with industry, geographic and political influences.

Such a hybrid approach delivers accuracy at scale.

The proprietary algorithm behind our dividend forecasts was developed in 2016 by a team of analysts that had been generating their dividend forecasts manually. The algorithm automates a huge number of calculations, delivering instant responses to new input data.

Our analysts work with the algorithm to review specific estimates. In some cases, they will review and manually overwrite, in other cases, they will review and leave as-is.

With so much of the ‘heavy lifting’ handled by the algorithm, our analysts are able to focus more efficiently on three key areas:

  1. Reviewing edge cases where the algorithm requires manual review of estimates if certain criteria are not met.
  2. Scheduled reviewing of soon-anticipated dividend payments and the most important securities.
  3. Responding to client questions re specific predictions received via our support system.

The result is a highly structured and machine-readable data set that offers strong accuracy, global coverage, low-latency updating, and flexible delivery.

To read more about our forecast methodology, contact us and we can provide more documentation on our dividend forecasting methodology.

How Accurate Are Our Forecasts? See for Yourself…

Specific dividend accuracy metrics vary across different markets and indices, but our headline accuracy numbers are:

  • 80% of forecast amounts are exact or within 10%
  • 80% of forecast ex-div dates are exact or within 7 days

Prediction accuracy 6 months out is marginally improved 1 month out, and our clients have noted we have strong stability of forecasts 6 to 12 months out (vs. their internal forecasts and 3rd party forecasts).

Dividends data that is complete & accurate to fuel your investment processes – DIH

Who Can Benefit from DIH’s Dividends Data?

Institutional market participants depend on our dividends data to fuel their investment processes. Our clients who receive our dividends data typically fall into one of the following categories:

  • Investment banks
  • Brokerage firms
  • Hedge funds (systematic & non-systematic)
  • Asset managers
  • Proprietary trading firms
  • High net worth investors
  • Service providers (e.g. OMS, EMS, data vendors, etc.)

For example, the research and trading departments in the front-office of a firm need quality dividends data to complete their work. So do the risk management, clearing & settlements, and IT departments in the middle- and back-office. All of these departments benefit from having complete and accurate dividends data.

Use DIH’s Dividends Data In Various Ways.

Here are some ways DIH clients use our dividends data…

Options Pricing & Trading – Being on the right side of an options contract expiry is essential, whether your firm is trading options or you are a market maker. Clients depend on our ex-dividend date forecasts, along with our calculated percentage confidence score. We cover the full universe of optionable equities in the USA, Europe, and Asia. This includes bottom-up calculated ETF dividend forecast data for over 700 listed optionable ETFs in the USA.

Income Planning – Asset Managers, custodians, and fund managers use our dividends data to plan anticipated income for portfolios and funds – either for themselves or on behalf of their clients. Given our broad geographical coverage, we can accommodate such firms’ global focus.

Stock Selection & Evaluation – Systematic and discretionary fund managers use our dividends data in their research efforts. Such quantitative firms really like that we can provide our historical dividend forecasts point-in-time for easy back-testing.

Flexible Updates & Delivery.

Our dividends data is updated on a daily basis. You can access our data in several ways:

Bulk File Download – For most of our clients, downloading our dividends data in bulk files is most convenient. We can deliver files in various formats (e.g. CSV) via download, S3 to S3 transfer, etc.

API – Some use cases are better suited for on-demand delivery of specific data points via an API.

Web Browser – Search our dividends data via your web browser.

Email Updates – You may choose to receive email alerts of updates to our dividends data.